Testimonials - Chuck's Wall of Wow

Here are what my clients and colleagues have been saying in their own words over the years (you might make a cup of coffee; it goes on for a while):

"I have had seven real estate transactions in my lifetime and I have never had an agent take care of me the way Mr. Farr did. He was referred to me by my son who was beyond impressed with his attention to detail. He has become our family real estate agent for life and I will never do another real estate transaction without him. He went above and beyond what any agent has ever done for me in all of my real estate transactions. A true professional."

— Rosalie B

"Chuck went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we understood all of the important parts of buying a home here in Austin. He even tracked down leads for us that hadn't yet hit the market so that we could find the kind of property that we really wanted. He is a great guy who works diligently to fulfill every client's requests and truly cares about the people who come to him for his service.

— Dorothy F 

"Mr. Farr was instrumental in helping me deal with a home to sell, he made this as simple and problem free that I could imagine and earned any and all future business I will have in regards to real estate. Mr. Farr was responsive and available and most of all patient, I was a difficult person to deal with and he took it all in stride, I am active duty military stationed on the east coast so I was not always present in Austin for the things that needed attention, Mr. Farr was always first to step in and do what he could and take initiative but never without communication and always very prompt.  If he says he will do something or handle something, it is done on time and to standard. I do not say this lightly but he is a professional and works at a level well above the minimum standard in all things he does.  Without question or hesitation I will seek out his skill set and his assistance with any and all of my real estate needs.  The highest compliment I can pay him apart from acknowledging his professionalism and commitment, is that his character makes him a person I now consider a friend of mine and will continue to be so after this process." 

— Thomas B 

"Chuck is hands down one of the best professionals I have ever worked with in any capacity. He is honest, genuine and very knowledgable. I would recommend him to anyone looking for assistance in real estate." 

— Jesse & Bobbi B 

"Sending a grateful shout out to my friend and real estate agent, Chuck Farr and his girlfriend. You cannot find a better agent than Chuck, who represented me for the purchase of my new home and sale of my old home. He is exceptionally thorough, competent, knowledgeable, practical and thoughtful. I can’t say enough good things. Who knew that I would be hit earlier this month with a double whammy of bronchitis and torn ligaments in my right knee? But that was no problem for Chuck. He helped me get the final belongings out of the house and sweep up. Then yesterday, both Chuck and his girlfriend helped me by going to the house for some things I had forgotten in the house. There’s no kinder example of the Christmas Spirit than that. Chuck, thanks so much to you and J for taking time from your day to help me. Find Chuck Farr on FB with Berkshire Hathaway.

I like Chuck’s style of working. He is thorough, plans all stages, and keeps the buyer and others associated with the transactions up to date.

He has more patience than anyone I’ve ever known."

— Dottye H.

"He did what his slogan said! He looked out for me."

— Jeannine S. 

"We have used Chuck twice now to find the perfect house for our family!  He is amazing!"

— April N. 

"Imagine buying a home without ever meeting your agent! I certainly couldn't before this last month. But Chuck Farr made it happen for me! I simply can't thank him enough. I have been working in China for the last ten years and wanted to buy a condo for investment purpose. I have found Chuck totally by chance on realtor.com. Thank God that I've found him. From the first contact, he cound not be more efficient, thorough and trustworthy. Every question I asked he would always come back with detailed explanation and data. He never pushed my decision, in fact he even suggested me to wait. He thought I was too rushy. And indeed I was. From the first contact to the last closing, the total process was no more than a month (with a very good closing price I may add). If I remember correctly, besides the initial call to him, we communicated exclusively by email. Don't forget, we also had to overcome the time difference. But nothing was a problem with Chuck. He helped me with every and all kinds of problem (and some of them are not even his responsibility). It was always a great pleasure to see his emails waiting there for me late at night or early in the morning (because of the 13-hours or so time difference). He made me feel extremely safe. I asked his opinion on every possible area that I encountered. And he never persuaded me to do things that would hurt my benefit. I think if I decide to purchase or sell again, I will definitely choose Chuck again. He is a great agent! (even though we've never met). [then after a second transaction, she said....] He was really patient and considerate. He helped me more than needed. We became sort of friend during both purchases. I feel safe and confident in asking him whatever confused me during the process. Sometimes he even thought about more than I did. These things were essential since I am in China and cannot see the properties myself. Trust was the first thing on the list and Chuck did deliver it one hundred percent."

— Bella L. 

"Chuck was with me every step of the way. He was responsive and had suggestions to make at every stage of viewing homes and making a purchase. His advice was timely and critical to the success of this transaction. Chuck is a patient and thoughtful negotiator. I couldn’t have done it without him!"

— Dottye H.

"Chuck, I would never have sufficient words to say thank you for all your time, patience, support, confidence & follow up through our process. You played a significant role on turning our Family dream into a reality and I will never forget that. We are looking forward to keep in touch, I am sure in the near future, some of our relatives will be contacting you for assistance. Needless to say that I will be providing a recommendation on your Company and yourself in particular any time I have a chance. We were impressed with the way Chuck handles the entire process, tremendous follow up, attention to all details, very patient & knowledgeable, always provided strong and helpful recommendations, demonstrated excellent relationship with other players in the process. He is a person that gained our full confidence since day 1."

— Juan Carlos Z.

"Chuck recently helped us with the sale of our Round Rock home. Chuck did a great job with the sales & marketing of our home. He did thorough market research so that we were able to sell at the optimum price and gave us sound advice on staging and presentation. Chuck was very responsive throughout the whole process. He gave us a timeline and continuous updates so that we would know what to expect as we moved through the sale process. If you are looking for a knowledgeable and responsive realtor, Chuck is the guy to call."

— Paul G.

"Chuck handled the sale of our house in Round Rock. With his assistance we were able to sell the house quickly and within the price range we were looking for!  He was exceptionally helpful in educating us about the process and preparation for the sale. His communication through out the entire process from the initial listing through closing was excellent, and we were very pleased with his handling of the process. He did an excellent job with the pictures and description available on the web which is critical for a quick sale. I highly recommend Chuck for handling any real estate needs."

— Bob B.

"Chuck is great. When my wife and I relocated from Western New York to Austin we didn't have enough time to actually get to Austin before needing a place to live. Chuck warned us of the risk in renting a home site unseen but agreed to help us do so. "Help" is probably too mild of a word to use. He walked us through the crazy Austin housing market, set up alerts, and made sure we had everything ready to go when the right place came up. It was a nerve-wracking process that we probably would have failed at if not for Chuck. He was instrumental in every step from deciding what areas we wanted to look, through signing the lease. He drove to the properties we looked at and provided his expert insight. Now we have a great place in Austin that we couldn't be happier with. Through the chaos of a cross-country move on short notice Chuck was invaluable friend. Go with Chuck to find your home."

— Cody A.

"When we decided to move from Europe to Austin we knew we would need some help to figure out the system and eventually find a new home.

Fortunately someone recommended Chuck Farr. When we were in town to interview, we met with Chuck and long before we knew if we were actually moving he gave us a perfect overview what we will have to expect with the Austin housing market. We analyzed our budget, identifies needs and other factors and decided to stay in touch.

Months before we moved Chuck set up a search that showed us potential houses, so we could develop a feel for what's out there.

Until then I was asking myself, how do you know if your realtor is good or bad? They all have access to some database, punch in a few sort queries and draw a map...

Well, the way you know is defined by "time". I was on a tight schedule to find a place to live. A day after I flew in, Chuck spent an entire weekend with me on the road to look at places. If I found something on Zillow late at night, I could send him a text and he responded in minutes and made something happen. He is dedicated to serve his clients and works ridiculous hours for them. If you need him on a weekend - he will be there. If you need to see a place a second time to finalize a decision - he won't hesitate. The time that he has for you is your measure for quality. That's how I realized I had chosen a superb realtor. Thx Chuck."

— Dr. Axel Jochmann

"We listed an 80 acre farm located 7 miles south of Taylor with Chuck, which recently sold. Chuck was very professional in all interactions with us and all prospective buyers. A video was made of the property that was presented thru several outlets. He has excellent people skills that were exhibited when interfacing with prospective buyers. He provided a good data set of price per acre of similar properties that had recently sold or were still for sale. We would highly recommend Chuck for your realtor when buying or selling a property."

— Arnold T.

"Chuck was awesome! He started helping us find a home to purchase with all of our picky needs that we wanted, and he stuck with us, when even at the last minute we decided to rent a house. Which, he also helped us to do and even met us at dinner to handle the paperwork and deliver it well after hours to secure the deal. He went above and beyond at every turn possible. He was recommended to us from a co-worker and I would highly recommend him to anyone in the market to buy, sell, or lease a home. Thanks again Chuck!"

— Richard R.

"We just finished selling our home in Austin and we used Chuck Farr to handle the real estate transaction. I was blown away by the amount of detail and communication that he provided. There was nothing that Chuck didn't inform us about. He also did an excellent job of counseling us on everything possible. Since we are in Ohio, we really needed an excellent person to clear the way for the sale. Chuck made everything easy and totally understandable. He was so easy to talk to and seemed to be available 24/7. What is very important to me is that Chuck took the high ethical road at every turn. Having trust in the person leading a sale of something as valuable as your home is critical and Chuck earned ours. Without any reservation whatsoever, I would recommend Chuck to anyone who is buying or selling a home in the Austin and surrounding area."

— Bruce H, Ohio

"Chuck is the best of the best. My wife and I absolutely love Chuck and recommend him unequivocally! He knows the market and he was always looking out for our interests as we searched for a home. For each of the homes that interested us most, Chuck spent time digging up more information than could be found on the MLS sheet. When we toured the homes, he pointed out potential problems, more concerned for our happiness than for his commission. Each time we made an offer, he stayed on top of the situation. Once we had a contract on the home we bought, he continued to monitor the progress, keeping us informed about anything we needed to know. I was thoroughly impressed. It takes a lot for a real estate agent to impress me. That's because I had been a licensed real estate agent in another state prior to moving to Texas. If you are looking for a professional who will work for you, you've found him in Chuck Farr!"

— Bill P.

"Chuck Farr exceeded my expectations! Chuck provided a detailed analysis that helped explain to my elderly mother (and to me living out of state) the strengths and setbacks of the property so we could better understand the initial pricing. He pushed information to us at our pace while promptly answering every phone call and e-mail. His photos and video of the property were fantastic. His transaction tracker kept all parties in sync for a smooth process through to closing. Understanding our family's situation, he provided exceptional service by proposing 4 different courses of action regarding the showing, moving, and overall transition for my mother. Chuck was most tactful and sensitive in guiding my mother through the emotional and stressful process of selling the home she and her family lived in for 40 years. Ultimately, he took an interesting yet challenging property and worked hard to find the unique and perfect buyer. Exceptional REALTOR®. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Central Texas area."

— Donna P.

"Chuck helped us both sell our home and find a new one, and our experience from beginning to end was outstanding. Chuck's motto: "Looking out. For you. Every step of the way" is not an exaggeration...he's just what you need for all of your real estate services. Examples of how Chuck helped make experience successful:

Selling our home, Chuck provided insightful market analysis, honest feedback and suggestions as to ways we could market our home and constant feedback on the status of potential buyers. Chuck was up front and honest in selling negotiations and was on top of all issues throughout the process. Ultimately it was Chuck's guidance that allowed us to get to the sale price range we were looking for. His project management style to the closing of our sale kept all involved parties on track and we did successfully close without a hitch.

Buying our home, Chuck was patient and tireless in looking for new homes, suggesting possible search areas/parameters and encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone when appropriate. His expertise and guidance gave us the tools necessary to make an informed offer and close on a fantastic deal. Once again, his project management style to close kept everyone on track and organized, as we moved to close with no issues or surprises. All in all a great REALTOR® for this area, and I'd highly recommend his services."

— Kawika S.

"Chuck is everything you can ask for in a REALTOR®. His knowledge of the real estate market in and around Austin is a tremendous benefit to any prospective client. He takes great care to ensure his clients receive personalized treatment and works tirelessly to find a property that suits their needs. We used him to help us find a house to lease and were on a very limited budget. He was always available to answer our calls and emails promptly and honestly. I recall receiving emails from him as early as 5am and as late as 11pm... the man is a machine. I don't know how he finds time to eat and sleep! He was communicative and very good about notifying us when he would be in a meeting or with another client to prevent us from feeling ignored, and took great care to explain anything we had questions about. He was very patient and did not try to pressure us into a property we were not comfortable with. I have used several REALTORS® since moving to Austin, and I have definitely found a keeper in Chuck. I will not hesitate to give him a call for any and all my real estate needs in the future. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

— Charlie D.

"I am a real estate attorney and escrow officer for a local title company and am very impressed with Mr. Farr’s level of involvement with the transaction including his timeline tracker tool. The timeline tool kept me informed of every step of the transaction and was very valuable to me as the escrow agent. Mr. Farr goes above and beyond the level of service I’ve seen from others in his field."

— Cynthia H.

"I'm sixty years old and have worked with many REALTORS® over the course of my lifetime. I can unequivocally say that Chuck is the best of the best. He's very detailed oriented, dependable, honest, funny— a true pleasure with whom to work. I will be recommending him to all of my friends and family in the Austin area."

— Vicki K.

"Chuck's knowledge, research & patience made my home purchase a breeze. This was my first time buying a home and he walked me through each individual step, including showing several homes, talking through contracts and even follow up after I finally bought a home. Thank you again Chuck!"

— Amber G.

"Chuck is AWESOME!!! He has the "patience of job."

— Liz M.

"Chuck is the best and I strongly recommend him. He was amazing to work with. Chuck is the most comprehensive real estate agent and REALTOR® in Austin. Sell or buy your home from him. Chuck is very detailed. Buying a house with Chuck was a great experience for me. Our needs were prioritized. He was always on time in every aspect of transaction. He was very professional. He was very knowledgeable, and patient through the whole smooth process."

— Bentley O.

"I can't even begin to express my thanks for all of the work Chuck has done to get me to closing on a difficult but satisfying transaction. His attention to detail and his conscientious handling of various complicated matters has just been beyond compare! In addition, he has a wonderful sense of humor that serves to lighten up the stressful moments that are bound to come. Chuck is a REALTOR® expert par excellence!"

— Anonymous

"Chuck was absolutely the BEST REALTOR® ever! He went above and BEYOND assisting us in finding the home we needed. He's a straight-shooter and you can count on him to follow through on your requests, ideas, or issues. There are few people you can trust these days as so many are just saying what you want to hear in order to make a buck. The buck stops with Chuck! I highly recommend him and will use him again when the need arises!"

— Anonymous

"We were faced with what seemed like an overwhelming task to get our Mom's house sold after she passed away. With Chuck as our REALTOR®, his expertise, guidance and attention to detail made all the difference in the world as he led us through every step of the process. He is super client oriented and always available for questions and/or discussions. We would recommend Chuck to anyone in need of a REALTOR®; he provides quality service to his clients from start to finish."

— M. S. Fleming